New Directions

8 03 2016

For the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a fantastic group of people developing and delivering educational programs in health care and human services at a local private college.

Programs were both in-class and online. For the first six months, I worked on the Hospital Support Specialist, Nursing Unit Clerk and Community Mental Health and Addictions Worker programs. All of these were delivered in- class and development primarily involved working with subject matter experts to update materials. Materials included course outlines, readings, activities, assignments and exams.

For the last year and a half, my portfolio included the Cardiology Technologist, Medical Laboratory Assistant and Pharmacy Technician programs. All of these programs were delivered primarily online with a face-to-face component for lab skills practice.

I worked with passionate subject matter experts to revise the Cardiology Technologist program to meet national competencies and facilitate learning for students. Much of the development for this program was tweaking quizzes, exams and assignments to clarify questions and ensure students were being assessed on the most important concepts. I also created a lab course for the Holter Monitor Scanning course so that students would have access to materials during lab when they were introduced to the concepts rather than having to wait until they started the course for that subject. My goal was to give students more time with the materials as it was one of the most challenging courses.

I was also working closely with industry members to re-develop the Pharmacy Technician program. Together we were doing a great deal of work to completely restructure the program. It was acquired from another school so we were working to apply company standards as well as close some of the gaps in content.

I learned a great deal over the past two years both about health care and instructional design. I’m currently working on some e-learning modules for mining software and having a blast! When I’m not working on that project, I’m taking the opportunity to brush up on some other skills I haven’t had a chance to use in a while and connect with the wonderful people in my network. Plus, there are always leads to pursue!


A little of This and That

14 12 2013

The past six months have been a busy time full of work and exploring. 

I got asked to write some course content for a few classes that were delivered via webinar to an in-house audience of engineers and scientists. Part of delivering the training this way, was finding a tool to do it. In the beginning we were using Go To Training. While this works at a basic level, it lacked the interactivity we desired for the courses.

We have been using Adobe Connect for the classes for a few months now. It has the same polling capabilities as Go To Training, but also has the added options for various plug ins like a countdown clock and whiteboard. Together with course building software like Presenter and Captivate, it’s a basic solution that can work out well, depending on training requirements.

I’m also working with a team of people to implement a new learning management system. The purpose of the system for the company is two fold for holding marketing content as well as internal training courses and curriculum. 

Every project has had it’s challenges especially with trying new delivery methods, tools and content presentation/activities. I look forward to a successful implementation of the LMS and seeing the courses and curricula stimulate knowledge sharing. 

Forray into the Mining Industry

24 07 2013

July is half over! That’s what happens when you work on projects that are fun and engaging. Yet another reminder that I’m doing what I should be in my career.

Primarily I’ve been doing work for a client in the mining industry this month. One of my missions for this contract is to create quick reference guides for training courses. The courses focus on efficient and effective writing techniques for a science and engineering audience. I am using PowerPoint presentations and interviewing the subject matter expert to create content. While writing is my main task for this, basic layout design is also required.

My second mission is editing related. New corporate templates need to be created so I have started documenting current styles so consistency can be maintained for the new templates. While tedious at times, it has allowed me to learn a great deal more about the capabilities of Microsoft Word 2010. It has also inspired me to create templates for documents I use all the time!

Last Week’s Project

26 06 2013

Last week I had the opportunity to work on a business evaluation report for a Vancouver based company in the tourism industry. It was a treat to work with a SME who had a vested interested in the project. I suspect it helps when the SME is also the one who hired you!  While the deadline was tight, it reminded me of how much I love what I do. Writing, editing, creating graphics to back up report content, what a great way to end the spring season. I also had a chance to work in the office and meet some of the delightful staff.  Then again, they may have been bribing me with cookies so my notes on how great they are may be a little biased.

We are heading into summer and while things are usually slow around the office, it looks like my office will be busy. I’ll still get out for some Vancouver sunshine though. There are mountains to climb and roads to explore!